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Keeping the Dream Alive

Monday, June 6, 2005

9:02PM - Breakfast P.2 - Extra Cafe

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As she ate her bowl of fruit, Moon wondered how she had come to be sat at the busiest table in the Extra Cafe. Letting the others talk around her, Moon concentrated quietly on her meal until she heard a familiar voice. One that, for some reason, made her heart leap a little. Joy? Anxiety? She could not really tell. Looking up quickly, she saw Danni standing at the table with a broad smile on her face.

Moon looked back down at her bowl as she listened to Danni babbling about the presents for Ryan's kids, as everyone called them. When she tapered off, Moon darted her eyes up to look directly at Danni - who was looking right back at her. Feeling her ears go instantly warm, Moon gave a small, blink-and-you'll-miss-it smile at the genial girl, before looking away.

As she did so she saw Bray, sitting with his baby son. His expression was blank but Moon followed his line of sight over to the counter - where Amber stood - and back again. It was then that Moon could see the warmth in his eyes, a far cry from the dark and troubled depths she had seen in them when they had first met.

Friday, May 20, 2005

7:02PM - Breakfast P.1: Extra Cafe: Trudy and Mouse

"Good Morning Mouse," Trudy was a bit more chipper than she had been when she'd woken up, glad now to see someone show up for breakfast. She had begun to think that no one was going to wake up this morning, and that all of this food would be wasted. At least they had refridgeration, so the fruit could last a bit longer, but still, for her to get out of bed and leave her warm Eco man behind so she could do this and then have no one show up, yeah, it would be disheartening. "I hope you are very hungry this morning, it doesn't seem like anyone else is going to have breakfast with us," she smiled and winked as if to prove it was just a joke, but somewhere, deep down, she was worried. Why wasn't anyone awake?

"So you've seen Salene and Ryan then? And they're waking up?" That was good to know, and Cloe had Brady so that meant that Cloe was awake, and maybe Ved too. Well that was better than nothing, that was for sure. "Thank you for telling me about Brady Mouse, did you sleep well?"

Trudy transferred all of the cut up fruit into one big bowl, mixing it carefully with her clean hands before taking it to set on the end of the counter, where the buffet lines usually were. She washed her hands, knowing that Tai-San wouldn't be able to set the table and she'd have to do it herself. "Say Mouse, do you want to help me set the table? Tai-San can't help this morning, I just need you to get the pitchers of water and juice for each table, can you do that?"

Current mood: busy

8:42AM - The Hospital: Slade/Patch/Tai-San/Ruby

[Continued from HERE]

Slade could tell the Doc was burbling nervously, and that he probably didn't meant to cause Slade to worry, however a couple of things the Doc said did make alarm bells go off in his head. The fact that the kid said he would try something new after lunch if she hadn't woken by then.... hearing that made Slade's blood begin to boil and he fought hard to resist the urge to grab the Doc by his shirt and demand he try something new now. However, Slade was slightly appeased as he heard that apparently Ruby had come through the worst of it now. He wasn't sure how much of that to believe, but the kid seemed earnest. However, that could just be well disguised fear over Slade doing something irrational. Slade still felt like hitting something out of frustration, mostly feeling frustrated as there was nothing at all that he could do for Ruby now, and her health lay in the hands of the Mall Rats. He knew though that it would be harsh to take it out on the doctor, and simply nodded in response to what the Doc was saying.

Slade turned his attention to Ruby once more as the Doc went off to scour what looked like medical books. She looked peaceful, in fact you would think she was sleeping if it wasn't for the traces of smoke on her skin and clothes and in her hair. It annoyed him that no one had bothered to even clean her up a little. Some use all these volunteers were. "Hey kid." He called over to the Doc. "You got any clean water in here? And a face cloth?" If nobody else was going to clean her up, then Slade could at least get rid of the smoke from her face. It would be the very least he could do while he waited so desperately for her to wake up.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

4:21PM - The Shower Room: Danni

Danni left her room, with a fresh change of clothes and a towel. She felt in desperate need of a shower, not only cos she felt her hair was beginning to get a little greasy, but she also saw it as some sort of cleansing activity, maybe washing away all the tension she had been experiencing lately.

Glad that no one else was around the shower area, Danni chose her shower, the furthest from the door, and removed her clothes, placing them in a neat pile away from where they would get splashed. She turned on the water, waiting for a few seconds for it to heat up, then placed herself under the flow of water.

The sensation of the hot water falling on her head and soaking her through felt wonderful. She felt revived and almost herself again. Of course, her feelings for Moon were never far from the back of her mind, but she was determined that today would be a new day, and that she wouldn't behave foolshly around her, and that she would be as much of herself as she could be. There was no way Moon would ever feel at ease with Danni if Danni herself was a bumbling bag of nerves, that much was true. Plus, there were important things going on today, namely the trial of the kid who had committed murder. She had a couple of ideas for potential sentences to pass, but she wasn't sure how viable they would be, nor how much of a deterent from killing someone again.

Once Danni felt suitably scrubbed up, she got out of the shower and turned off the water. She put on her clean top, trousers and jacket, and headed back to her room to sort her laundry, then head off for breakfast.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

7:37PM - Lex: leaving the hospital, heading toward the kitchen

Lex groggily left the hospital and wandered out into the lower level of the Mall. He wasn't exactly sure where Siva was, but he was almost positive that she would be seriously pissed off. He had no idea where to even begin with her. How in the world would he explain that he had fallen asleep in the hospital so he could be near Tai San if anything changed with her condition..and then to practically refer to her as his love? He thought about patrolling for a minute, which he casually tossed aside. He could barely make sense of the random thoughts that seemed to race through his mind. Maybe he should find some food..now that he thought of it, he was kind of hungry. Lex wasn't sure who was making breakfast, but he felt so drained by this whole ordeal that he could just about eat anything.

As Lex headed toward the stairs he could feel himself getting a bit dizzy. He shook his head, as if to shake the feeling away. He could barely deal with what he was going through, let alone recognize the fact that he was actually scared about how he would explain things to Siva. Did she really have that much power over him? Lex sat down on the edge of the stairs and let his head fall into his hands. What was happening to him, he was supposed to be the strong unfeeling one. In what seemed to be only seconds, he jerked his head away from his hands and stood up. Get ahold of yourself!! You aren't controlled by women, you control them! This is no big deal, you can handle it! Lex repeated his self fulfilling matras over and over until he started feeling a bit more like himself.

He began to chuckle as he approached the top of the stairs, "hmph..women, that's the last time that will ever happen to 'ol Lex! As he headed toward the kitchen to check out what was on the agenda for breakfast he quickly looked over his shoulder to make sure Siva was nowhere in sight.

Current mood: nervous

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

12:58AM - Trudy:Kitchen:Preparing Breakfast

After Hawk had come up from the Hospital Trudy had been slightly relieved, ok she'd been a lot relieved, thanking Dee for all of her help in cleaning the Cafes, telling her it looked perfect and not to bother with cleaning anymore that night. Taking Hawk's hand, Trudy had led Hawk to bed, checking on Brady before slipping into her pajamas and snuggling up to him in bed.

The next morning, Trudy kissed Hawk awake, checking on Brady, wondering how Tai-San was. She didn't dress but simply wrapped herself in a robe, heading into the kitchen to begin making breakfast. She wasn't overly happy, but having spent the night with Hawk, reassured that Tai-San would live if she woke up, well Trudy wasn't bouncing with her every step, but she was a lot more relaxed than she would have been otherwise.

Picking up a bag of apples, the few bunches of bananas, and a package of raisins, Trudy began cutting them up and tossing them together in a big bowl, it would take a bit of time to finish, but Trudy liked the busy work at least, and helping to feed her Tribe for the last time helped to give her a sense of purpose, and it would always be something to remember while she was away. She didn't look forward to telling the rest of the Tribe today, but in someways she wanted to scream it from the roof tops; she was going to be with the man she loved, and her daughter was finally going to have that Daddy she'd always longed for Brady to have.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

9:58PM - The hospital: Slade/Ruby/Tai San/Lex

Slade woke up with an almighty cough. He felt like his chest was on fire, and that he had to cough it out. Coughing away, and letting his lungs rattle in their cage, his eyes started to slowly adjust to where he was. As he had first woken he hadn’t remembered what exactly had happened, nor where exactly he was. However, as his chest eased and his eyes came into focus he saw Ruby in the bed next to him, her face still blackened with smoke. The memories of the day before came back, flooding suddenly; the struggle to find Ruby in the saloon, dragging her body from the burning building, and the tiring and difficult journey bringing her to the mall. Remembering the events of the day before, Slade felt his chest swell with overwhelming worry and concern for Ruby.

He slowly swung his body round, letting his legs drop to the floor, noting that he hadn’t even bothered to take his boots off to sleep. He remembered staying up as late as he possibly could, wanting to see Ruby wake up, say something, do anything to prove that she was going to be okay, but his tiredness must have gotten the better of him, and Ruby must be in worse shape than the Mall Rats had said. That Eco guy had said that Ruby’s condition would improve, that it wasn’t too serious, but here she was, still unconscious. Slade looked across the room and that other girl, the one the so called doctor had been making a fuss over was still knocked out. Hell, if the Mall Rats couldn’t even look after themselves, then how on earth could they ever look after Ruby? Slade was now seriously beginning to regret bringing Ruby here. If this was the end of the road for Ruby… Slade would never forgive himself.

Slade slowly lifted his body up to stand, and felt an ache in his muscles. Yesterday must have taken more out of him than he had thought, but he wouldn’t complain about it. His problems were secondary in comparison to Ruby’s. He shuffled, exhausted, to the side of Ruby’s bed, brushing a stray hair from her forehead, his brow furrowed in concern for his…. For his what? Before now his relationship with Ruby had been intense but relatively uncomplicated, but now… only now he was thinking of what hole would be in his life if Ruby was gone.

He took her hand, gently stroking the back of it with his thumb. “Hey.” He said, his voice slightly shaky, but refusing to break down. “You gotta wake up Ruby.” He said, trying to gently coax her. “We’re in the city now, and there’s gotta be some new crosswords for you to do.” Slade felt his voice going again, and stopped and momentarily held his breath until he felt in control again. “Come on Ruby… wake up.” He didn’t know what good it would do talking to her, but he figured it was worth a go. If he could reach a part of her that was still listening, maybe, just maybe she would come around.

Monday, May 2, 2005

8:01AM - Brady: AWAKE!: to Mouse's Room

Having been awake for about ten minutes now, Brady was sat in her bed playing with her dolls, talking to them, watching as they talked to each other (helping them talk of course!), talked to a sudden imaginary friend who had materialized for today, someone named "Kweetin", she was chattering happily. It was obvious she was completely unaware of anything, of the baby sleeping in the cot in the other part of the room, of what had happened after she'd gone to bed, of anything. Brady was just happy, bright and cheerful for the morning, and telling anything that she could give a voice about moving back "home". She was beyond excited to go back to the Eco's, she LOVED the Mall Rats, but...but she loved the Eco's too. Everyone would simply understand that.

Ten minutes of talking to Kweetin (and fighting with him about how long a walk it was), and to Lily and Bear and Melissa the baby doll, and Brady was bored. Hopping down off of the bed, Brady opted to take Bear and told Kweetin, quite sassily, to just stay here and pout then, before leaving her room. Where could she go? She was still in her pajamas, she wasn't allowed downstairs alone, or into the Office Complex, but it was simple to her, she knew EXACTLY where she wanted to go, and she padded across the quiet floor of the corridor straight for Mouse's room.

Walking into the room, Bear clutched in her left arm, right thumb comfortingly in her mouth, Brady came right over and hopped up on the bed, bouncing a little. Pulling her thumb from her mouth, Brady laid down next to Mouse and did what she did best, poking her in the cheek before not so quietly saying, "AWAKE! It's awake time now Mouse, awake!"

Current mood: awake

7:39AM - OOC:Breakfast/Morning Time :: Scene Wrapping :: New Slade Owner

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And on that note, _slade_ now has his permanent owner, not a new gamer, but a new owner, so wo0t to his new owner!!

Last but not least, the Day 18 schedule, just incase anyone needs help figuring out what they're doing. If you need to add to it, comment. It's subject to change as the day progresses, but you'll be reminded of that. The Track is not currently up to date per the day roll, but you bet your bippy I'll be changin it when I've had some sleep and my brain is on function again. Yay!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

8:35PM - The Balcony: Danni, Moon

[OOC: Continued from HERE.]

Moon smiled at Danni's response to her question, and was relieved at the tangible change in the atmosphere. With Danni suddenly a lot closer to her, and the sound of the rain filling her ears, Moon settled into the conversational silence that had arisen. Her mind was unusually quiet, and it drifted idly until Danni spoke again.

"Yes..." Moon replied softly, pausing momentarily to reflect on her evening. "Dinner was very good, Luke tells me that Alice made the meal. She is obviously a very good cook," said Moon appreciatively - good cooking was not lost on her. Once again the comment that she had made to Luke about the Mallrats eating well came to mind, and she smiled, mostly to herself.

"You should have been there... have you eaten?" Moon's expression turned to mild worry, but then she looked away. Silly Moon! It was none of her business, and Danni was perfectly capable of looking after herself. Suddenly awkward, Moon stepped away from Danni and looked out into the night. She reached out her hand into the rain, watching the raindrops splash wetly in her palm.

Current mood: calm

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

1:35AM - The Hospital: Patch/Hawk/Salene/ Jay/Ebony/Slade/Luke/Ellie/ Lex/(Tai-San/Ruby)

The hospital had already been busy enough, in Hawk's mind, when the two strangers had arrived. He'd stood next to Patch at Tai-San's bed, watching and going over her stats again, talking about what to do and comparing their different treatment methods. Hawk had thought nothing of going to help the strangers, but the one boy started to get kind of antsy, and everyone seemed to be calming him, and the last thing Hawk wanted was to have a riot get started. "I suppose I shall go and look at the other girl while you finish over here, doctor," he said it a bit stiffly but clapped the young boy on the shoulder firmly.

Walking across to the beds here, Hawk paused to listen to the conversation for a moment before pushing past everyone to the girl. She was covered in soot, like Amber had been when Pride had brought her back to the Eco camp. "A fire," he said softly, now leaning down to check her pupils, asking the volunteer for a small flashlight and using it to test her pupils. Same as Tai-San, how, odd. Neither of her pupils were blown, which was a good sign, and he leaned down to listen to her breathe. It wasn't too bad, though it sounded like perhaps her airway was constricted slightly, something that could be a problem if it progressed. Only, he'd heard that Liberty was at least an hour away by bike, assuming that was the way they'd gotten here, Hawk knew that if it was going to get worse, it would have by now.

Feeling for a pulse he found it strong and steady and nodded, telling the volunteer to get an ice pack for Tai-San, as Patch had suggested, and to bring him one as well for this girl. He hadn't found anything that needed ice yet, but he had a sinking suspicion that she too had a head injury. Whatever had happened to her in the fire, it wasn't the cause of her condition now. As the volunteer left, he began feeling around on her head, finding a lump in almost the same place as Tai-San's, except on the right side. It was uncanny, and kind of strange, even Hawk knew that. Looking back to Tai-San questioningly, he found the girl giving Patch the ice pack for Tai-San, then soon found her back, handing it to him. He took a wrap and put the ice on her head, making sure to put a thin towel between her head and the ice before wrapping it there on the bump. It was best if bumps came out, when they went in, no that was not good at all.

Turning around, Hawk faced the boy in the bed, "She has a concussion, and a bit of smoke inhalation," he explained, motioning to his nose, "Here, she has soot, which means she got some into her lungs, but maybe not too much, it is not bad, which is good," he was talking in circles now, and he paused to take a deep breath. "She'll need to rest here, and we won't really know anything else until she wakes up. She does not seem to be suffering from the smoke, but we'll have to have the volunteer keep a close eye on her tonight, just incase," he looked to the girl who simply nodded. Moving past Luke, Hawk, leaned down and looked in the boys eyes, noting that he looked ok, but that he too had smoke inhalation marks near his nose. "How about you, are you breathing alright? Do you feel sick, dizzy?"

Current mood: calm

1:07AM - Trudy and Dee: Cleaning the Cafes

"Great!" Trudy's demeanor seemed to brighten just as soon as Dee agreed to help, heading to the sink and rinsing out a sponge, grabbing an extra dish rag and walking off into the Extra Cafe with Dee. "So," she began, trying to take her mind off of everything and finding it suddenly hard to strike up a conversation that didn't include Patch, or Hawk, or how things were going. She handed the dish rag to Dee, "If you'll just dry the tables after me, I'll take care of the rest," she offered, gathering the last few stray dishes and putting them on the counter near the sink on this side of the wall.

Heading to one table, she quickly wiped it down, nothing was really that dirty, but it was good to keep things clean, the dirt piled up pretty quickly. She was feeling the weight and stress in her neck and shoulders and she wanted desperately to have something to talk about, something to say to her, and finding nothing was only making her stress out more. "So Dee, do you ever get time off? What do you like to do when you're not patrolling?" Ok, it was lame, but it was a start, right?

Current mood: cranky

Sunday, April 24, 2005

10:01PM - Extra Café - Dee

Dee sat alone at the front table in the Extra Café, staring down at her clasped hands on the table. She had been startled when the scream had sounded and had held back from rushing out with the others to see what the commotion was. Patch, before he had abruptly left without so much as a 'bye,' had mentioned that it had been Ebony. As much as she respected Ebony, Dee knew that trouble seemed to follow her, no matter if she was the start of it or just slipped in and got involved. Dee was Deputy Sheriff, yes, but she felt that she should let Lex handle this for once. She had been doing most of the patroling for a while now - it wouldn't kill him to do his job for once.

She scooted her chair back and stood, pushing the chair back into place under the table and did the same to the other chairs at her table. When that was done, she stood for a moment in thought, contemplating joining the others in spectating whatever had been the cause of the scream and thumping earlier. She decided against it, feeling unusually moody for some reason, and left to help with the dishes. Helping clean up would be a change of pace from her normal duties.

Current mood: contemplative

Friday, April 22, 2005

12:17AM - Jack/Anna/Tatty:Leaving The Roof

As Anna pulled herself closer, Jack's hand slid up her leg without warning, and he found his fingertips just under the hem of her skirt, and instead of pulling back, ashamed, he simply grasped her thin leg in his hand and gave it a bit of a squeeze. It was as if his mind took over and knew just what to do, and he was going to simply let it. His hand pulled back now, squeezing lower, and then he let go and slid to her hip, pulling her in closer to his lap, until she was nearly sitting in his lap, clinging to her as if letting her go would make her fly away.

Jack pulled back from the kiss, "Tatty," he said shortly, finally remembering about him. It was then that he could smell it, the rain was coming, and his eyes looked up to the sky, "Oh, look Anna," he pointed to the place where the stars weren't visible anymore, the moon illuminating the clouds above them. As if on cue, a big, fat, raindrop fell from the sky and landed with a soft smack on the ground, then more, making the smell of wet, hot cement come up and greet their noses. "I guess we should go in," he said softly, motioning towards the door with his head as he looked her in the eyes. "I'm sorry," he added, as if he had some kind of control over the weather. The rain was slow now, fat drops, and one landed on Jack's hand on her hip, making him look away from her and up. "We...we better go in, before it starts pouring," he informed her, shrugging but not moving.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

3:51PM - Gel: Patsy's Room: Bedtime

Bouncing away from the Extra Cafe, Gel's falsly happy mood melted away and she bit back the tears stinging the corners of her eyes. How dare Lex say things like that to her, and the worst part was, Gel didn't have anyone to stick up for her. No one to stand up and yell at Lex for yelling at her. He was a horrible little man, and Gel just didn't see how any girl could ever want to be with him, but then, Siva was pretty horrible too, what with stomping on Gel's foot after she so graciously offered to help her out.

Realizing that she was now stomping off to Patsy's bedroom, Gel slowed her pace, looking across the way to her own bedroom, her pink, lovely smelling, perfectly decorated room, where Zandra was sleeping. Gel didn't want to be rude, she DID like Zandra, and she didn't mind sharing the room with her, but she certainly felt displaced. One of Gel's first friends when she'd moved in here had been Mouse, and Gel liked that her room was right next to Mouse's, but, now there were girls who were Gel's age, so she guessed she didn't have to cling to little kids stuff. Besides, Patsy had a nice room, and two beds, and well, the nights sure felt a lot less lonely with Patsy sleeping nearby, Gel hadn't ever considered a room mate before. Plus, Patsy was neat, and pretty, and she wouldn't go messing up her creams and makeup, so Gel didn't really mind one little bit.

Entering the room, Gel gave a bit of a tsk at the loss of curtain, that was something everyone needed, it was good for privacy, and how could Gel be expected to change into her night clothes if people could just peer into the room and see things?! Of course, it wouldn't be the first time since the virus that someone had seen things when she didn't want them to, but she was still a girl, and she still valued some small bit of privacy. Stepping behind the screen, Gel removed her clothes and quickly put her Pajama Pants Set on before covering that with her robe.

When she was satisfactorily covered, Gel walked over to the vanity and began her nightly ritual, brushing her hair out 100 times, setting it in rag curls, cleaning her makeup off before smearing her face with the green face cream and rubbing it in good in the worry spots. Gel especially didn't want crows feet or worry lines, not like some of the girls in this Tribe like, Trudy, and Amber, and Salene. Shuddering at the though, Gel smiled at her reflection and stood up, moving to the extra bed in the room, laying her robe across the foot of the bed and climbing in for a good night of beauty rest.

Current mood: sleepy

1:24AM - Dax and May: To Their Room

Dax led May quietly out of the hospital, passing by a boy carrying a rather sickly looking girl going in, turning just a bit to stare as they went by. His attention was quickly turned to May, giving her a tiny smile, "What a messed up night this has turned out to be," he told her with a bit of a heavy sigh, stress coming across thickly. As they got further away from the hospital, Dax didn't want to assume anything, but he simply led May up the stairs without a word. As they approached the top, Dax noticed that people were washing the dishes, and that the Cafe's were cleaning up on their own without him, and though he felt guilt, he didn't even try and stop to help. He'd been given the night off, and though it was against his nature to take it willingly, he needed time to decompress, and no one would be able to help him with that other than May.

Turning, Dax led May away from the Cafe's, but stopped halfway down the corridor, leaning in close to May, pressing a kiss to her lips as his hands fell to her hips, pulling her close. "I do believe you promised me dessert of some kind, any, particular dessert you had in mind? Or shall I simply, you know, make my own dessert," his eyes traveled down her body a bit then back up, cocking his eyebrow. He was still kind of stressed, finding it hard to get in the mood he was in earlier, but being here, even halfway on the way towards their bedroom, the tension in his neck was slowly leaking away. He would have led her straight to bed, but he didn't want to presume anything, of course, and besides, he had more class than that and thought more highly of May than just "the girl he slept with".

Current mood: stressed

12:23AM - Slade and Ruby: Arriving at The Mall

The drive to the city had been longer than Slade had expected, or perhaps time simply dragged on in his mind because he was so worried for Ruby. A couple of times after strapping her on to his back in Liberty she'd slumped to the side, forcing him to reluctantly pull over to the side of the road and readjust everything. She was barely breathing, shaky gasps of air, it sent a chill of panic through Slade, and he simply readjusted her and tightened the straps and got back on the road. It was now that he wished he could fit three people on his bike, someone to hold Ruby up, but he couldn't, and he didn't, and all he could do was get back to the City as fast as possible.

Now, Slade knew better than anyone how much Ruby didn't want to ever live in the City, but he wasn't intending to live there, surely once Ruby was back to her old self she'd want to go right back to Liberty, fix things up, or, if that wasn't possible, maybe she'd want to move on to Sadieville. Living in Sadieville wasn't exactly Slade's idea of a fantastic new life, and it was further away from the City, Slade's only chance of ever finding Josh, but he'd go where Ruby needed to go, and truthfully, losing Liberty broke his heart just as much as he knew it would Ruby's.

Sliding into the City, Slade paused to get his bearings, trying to remember the streets and how to get to the Mall, the place where the hospital was. He didn't generally drive his bike through town, Slade preferred to drive it to a certain point, hide it, and walk around the city, but this was not the time to worry about things. Ruby was his main, and only, concern.

Driving up the street towards the quay, Slade turned onto the street he remembered the Mall being on and felt relief pull through him as it came into view, picking up his speed just a bit. Coming to a halt, he eyed the Militia standing outside, surely they'd let him in, but Slade didn't want to leave his bike out in the open either. Yeah he was worried about Ruby, but he wasn't stupid, if they took his bike there'd be no way to get back to Liberty, or to Sadieville. Pulling up to the carpark and idling the bike, Slade waved one of the Militia boys over, talking to him about his hurt friend, the fire, and asking if there was a quick way into the Mall.

After being informed that the gates were down, he took the kids suggestion and swung into the carpark, driving up the deserted pathways to the second floor, finding a militia standing guard outside of a door. Slade pulled to a stop and unstrapped Ruby, moving to take off her helmet and his, tossing them next to his bike before picking Ruby up and cradling her in his arms. "It'll be ok Ruby," he told her softly, walking up to the boy at the door.

"Please, you gotta let us in, we had a fire back in our town, she got hurt, please, I know you have a hospital, and that it's late, but it's an emergency," he spoke softly with his calculated tone, not sounding scared or trying to impede the boy's authority. Slade was relieved when the Militia boy simply opened the door and led him into the Mall.

Slade's eyes came to a tight close as the inside of this building hit him, the lights, it was, well it was a home, he could tell, the smell of fresh laundry, of a dinner, some conversations going on, kids in bright clothes looking happy, and he felt like he'd invaded inappropriately. "Hey man, I just wanna go to the hospital," he told the Militia boy, being shocked when he was told they had to go through here to get to the hospital. Following his lead, Slade simply carried Ruby down the stairs, past the people standing around, and into the hospital.

Current mood: nervous

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

8:57PM - The Balcony: Danni

Danni reached the balcony and rested on the bar, letting her head drop as she took in a deep breath. She felt like she was going crazy. All this paranoia over Luke, why did she feel so scared of him destroying her life once again? As much as she knew that the city was now a different place from when the Chosen were here, she still had this irrational fear that her world would come crashing down around her once more. Luke had already taken her from someone she loved once, what was to stop him from doing it again? Okay, so the scenario was different, she was surrounded by her tribe, but at the same time she felt like maybe she didn't belong. MAybe that was another aspect to her paranoia, but as she recalled she hadn't exactly been welcomed with open arms the first time she arrived at the Mall. Then again, with Ebony and Lex around, who would ever feel entirely comfortable?

Looking on the floor she found the watering can, half full with water, and thought perhaps she should check on whether the herbs needed watering. She felt the soil; certain sections were still damp, but others were drying up. She sprinkled a little water on the dry sections, hoping that she wasn't drowning her babies. She wanted so bad for the herb garden to be a success. In some way she saw it as a metaphor for herself and Moon. They had planted it together, and as it flourished she hoped so would their relationship. If the plants were to die off it certainly would not be a very good omen.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

2:24PM - Moon:Extra Cafe:Washing Dishes

Moon had been stood here at the sink for a while now after leaving the Breakfast Room, scrubbing down plates and forks and rinsing out cups, washing the empty dishes that dinner had been cooked in. Obviously the Tribe had enjoyed the meal, it was all gone, nothing to even put away. Now, however, her back was beginning to ache, and she was starting to wonder where the person who actually had to do the dishes was, and who it was. She didn't mind helping out, but she did her chores around here, it was only fair that the others did theirs when they were supposed to.

Thinking of all of the other things she could be doing instead, laying in her bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about Danni, and actually, mentioning Danni, where was she? Was she busy doing something? Had she fallen off to sleep in her bed already? Without eating dinner? Or had she eaten dinner and just hadn't bothered to join Moon. Things were weird, why should Moon expect Danni to join her and a couple for dinner, it might make people think things, no it was best this way.

Moon's mind drifted to the garden and wondered if she could get away with some quiet outside time there, no one would bother her, did anyone else really know about it besides the Tribal Leaders? If Danni was indeed off sleeping in her bed, then Moon would have the whole balcony to herself. Only, would it be cold and kind of empty without Danni? What a strange thought, she chastized, shaking her head at herself.

Of course, the fact that someone had taken a spill down the stairs hadn't left her mind, she was concerned for whomever it was, but she was trying not to imagine the horror that could be at the bottom. The water running in the sink prevented her from hearing what was going on, and so, for now, she just imagined that everything was fine, and she really wasn't needed at all. Well, at least that part she was sure of.

Shifting on her feet with agitation as she continued to wash dishes, Moon glanced around to see if anyone was coming to help. Of course, they weren't, and she just sighed and finished the last of the plates in the sink.

Monday, April 11, 2005

12:40AM - The Hospital: Patch

Coming back from the bottom of the stairs, Patch tried to put the thoughts of insecurity to the side just long enough to get everything set up for when they brought in Tai-San. He could do this. There wasn't even much he needed to do! Get a bed ready, get some smelling salts or something, try to wake her up...it was all he could do! Unless he was missing something... Instantly Patch picked up a medical book from the stack of them discarded on a side table, sifting through the pages on what to do about possible head injuries. There hadn't been any blood, but that didn't necessarily mean she didn't have a concussion...there could be internal bleeding he didn't know about from when she fell...there were so many things that could be wrong and he didn't want to think about any of them. And faster than his mind could keep up, Patch flipped from page to page, trying to shove a semester's worth of medical school into his brain in the next five minutes. What if he needed to perform some kind of surgery!! He couldn't...he didn't know how!! The more he panicked, the faster he read through the book, trying to take in anything and everything. God, he was such a screw up...such a screw up.

Current mood: stressed

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