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Disclaimer Section:

A lot of our members make their usericons from pictures found at Tribal Digest. Some use screen cap bases made by _salene_, please do not steal our icons. Sal knows her bases like her own children, and the icons in these character journals were created especially for this game.

Some characters use templates and textures on some icons made by the following lovely people: newsie__nympho, igocrazy4sugar, ladybug_icons, minttea, bluemalick, makeuplovegloss, jurhael. If you see a template that is yours on a character in this game and you are not credited, contact _salene_ and she'll check it out. Thanks!

This is a FICTIONAL RPG with characters from the television show The Tribe.

We are in no way affliated with the television show, Cloud 9 Productions, or any of the cast or staff of the show.

This game is for entertainment only. We mean no harm or insult to those who we portray.

Thank You.
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